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As Founder & CEO of ByteBao, and host of Barely Legal in Web3, Jamilia is breaking barriers globally in the conversation at the intersection of technology and legal issues.

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Transform Globally with Agile and Strategic Expertise

At the heart of Jamilia Grier's approach lies a powerful combination of global thinking, agility, and strategic insight. With a wealth of experience spanning legal, business, and technology domains, Jamilia brings a unique perspective to help companies and organizations thrive in today's dynamic landscape. From providing legal counsel and offering tailored consulting solutions to inspiring others to be agile in the face of uncertainty, Jamilia empowers her clients to overcome challenges, unlock new possibilities, and achieve remarkable success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Bridging the Gap in Tech


Strategic Consulting for Global Success

With her deep expertise in legal, technology, and business domains, Jamilia provides strategic guidance, identifies growth opportunities, and helps clients overcome challenges through her consulting firm, ByteBao. Whether it's formulating market entry strategies, optimizing cross-border operations, or ensuring compliance in global markets, Jamilia's insights and customized solutions empower organizations to achieve sustainable success on a global scale.
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Keynote Speeches for Empowered Success

With a dynamic and engaging speaking style, Jamilia delivers powerful messages that motivate, educate, and empower individuals and organizations. Her talks cover a wide range of topics, including global business trends, technology impact, legal best practices, and personal growth. By sharing her expertise and real-world examples, Jamilia leaves a lasting impact on audiences, equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to thrive in today's fast-paced worlds.

Fresh Takes with the Barely Legal in Web3 Podcast

Jamilia explores the intersection of business, technology, and global living, delving into thought-provoking discussions that uncover insights, trends, and strategies for success. The Barely Legal in Web3 Podcast serves as a platform for sharing strategies and stories on how people and businesses have thrived after reinvention.

Navigating Global Business with Confidence

With over 15 years of distinguished legal expertise spanning China, Singapore, and Dubai, Jamilia Grier is a trailblazing entrepreneur, accomplished lawyer, and strategic advisor. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and based in Dubai, Jamilia brings a global perspective and an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of the international business landscape. As the founder and CEO of ByteBao, a leading legal consulting firm based in Dubai, she spearheads a team of experts who provide comprehensive guidance on global business strategies, compliance, and technology integration. Through her agile and strategic approach, Jamilia unlocks untapped potential, propelling clients towards extraordinary success. Join Jamilia Grier as she reshapes the narrative of success, transcends boundaries, and guides you to forge a path to greatness.

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