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Podcast Host, Speaker, Author

a new narrative in tech

Jamilia Grier is a technology and data lawyer, Founder & CEO of ByteBao, and Host of the podcast Barely Legal in Web3 who thrives at the intersection of global business, technology and legal issues.

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My Story


Jamilia Grier is a renowned legal and technology expert, the Founder and CEO of ByteBao, and the host of the popular podcast "Barely Legal in Web3." She specializes in the legalities of emerging technologies, helping businesses navigate the complexities of Web3 and digital assets.


With over 15 years of international legal expertise in China, Singapore, and Dubai, Jamilia has become a pivotal figure in bridging Eastern and Western markets. A U.S.-raised lawyer fluent in Mandarin, Jamilia's dynamic speaking engagements and strategic insights have made her a sought-after voice in the global tech and legal landscapes.

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