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About Jamilia Grier

Visionary Leader at the Nexus of Law and Web3 Innovation

Jamilia Grier, founder and CEO of ByteBao and host of the "Barely Legal in Web3" podcast, is a distinguished figure in the legal and tech industries. With a storied career spanning various global capitals—from Dubai to Singapore and Shanghai—Jamilia has cemented herself as a pioneering force in navigating the complexities of Web3 technologies and international business law.

Professional Expertise

Jamilia's expertise lies at the intersection of technology and legal compliance. Her journey began in traditional legal roles in the United States, where she offered crucial legal advice to municipal and state organizations and worked on high-stakes international joint ventures. Transitioning into more dynamic roles, Jamilia spearheaded legal and compliance strategies for multinational corporations across the Asia Pacific region, dealing with intricate data privacy and cybersecurity challenges.

As the visionary leader of ByteBao, Jamilia has redefined the future of technology through strategic leadership and innovative solutions. ByteBao, known as Web3's first legal ecosystem, empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape with a focus on integrity, engagement, and emotional resonance.

Barely Legal in Web3

Through her podcast, "Barely Legal in Web3," Jamilia extends her reach, offering listeners insightful discussions on the legal implications of blockchain technology. The podcast is renowned for its deep, engaging conversations that connect technical knowledge with real-world applications, making complex topics accessible and intriguing.


Global Influence and Thought Leadership

Jamilia is a recognized member of the Forbes Technology Council, where she shares her insights on Web3 innovations. Her international experiences as an expat and educator, particularly her time teaching at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, have provided her with a unique perspective on global market trends and technology's impact on traditional industries.

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